From you.

From you, I learned.
I learned that to the wrong person, you’ll never be good enough.
I learned that not everyone has a heart as big as mine and that’s ok.
I learned that words mean nothing when they’re not backed up by actions.
I learned that loving a selfish person can be mentally and emotionally exhausting.
I learned that being taken for granted has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you.
I learned that I have to be my own support system.
I learned there’s really a thin line between love and hate.
I learned to love myself enough.



The moments we forget about our struggles are the happiest ones. Don’t let your problems cast a shadow over your life. The findings of yesterday might be the reason why today is so blurry. Should you also let tomorrow go by the same way? The change you make today automatically changes the outcome of tomorrow. Does your future have any significance to you? Do you think so much about it that you can’t even understand your thoughts anymore? Maybe you’ll end up along the line of your thoughts. Maybe not. You’ll never understand God’s plan for you until you actually let him take control. He’s the author and finisher of our faith so why not let him take control? He’ll make a way obviously. All you have to do is believe. Never try to plan or go ahead of God. You’ll always take the wrong turn when you rely on your own understanding.


That Tomorrow.

Have you ever come across someone or something that made you believe you could do a lot better? That you could go a lot farther? Maybe walk a little closer to your tomorrow. Smell the flowers from a world you’re yet to come across. A world you’ve longed so much for but are yet to find the path that leads directly to the gateway. Maybe a little clarity was all you needed to nudge you towards that path. I know you’re not there yet, I’m not either but we can see it ahead. We can feel the warm breeze from the tomorrow that awaits us to grace its dawn with our presence .

I’m excited about the future, can’t say I’m certain why yet but I’ll find out soon. There’s just something within me I’m about to discover. 

Better YOU.


Ever wondered what your life’s really worth? Amidst all the struggles and dedication to achieve a better future. Do you lose yourself? Not sure what it really takes to stay grounded and keep your sanity but I believe I’m beginning to do a better job of both. My growth has gravitated me more towards self-development, aligning my dreams and thought process. I’ve come a long way from misguided emotions and drowning in resentment. I’ve grown. I’ve learnt.

Regarding to my life’s worth, I refer to the man in the mirror. I compete with myself to better me. Who else out there can be a better referral than you in bettering YOU?