20140228-101020.jpgSometimes, life presents us with obstacles and having to voice all our little mixed feelings doesn’t really come easy. For me, that’s when I write. It’s been a year and I can’t believe it cause I didn’t think I’d last 2 months but I’m grateful. Grateful to have a platform where I can express myself and not be judged. Grateful to be able to get people to think, address their innermost thoughts that they always shield the world from, let them know they’re not crazy for having them and they’re certainly not alone. Grateful for everyone that believes in me. Means a lot. Hope to accomplish a lot more over the next year and years to come.



Be your own person,

Have your own mind,
Speak your own truth,
Don’t be driven by the ‘acceptable’ reality,
Create your own path and tread it,
Don’t be afraid to be yourself,
That fear drains your voice,
You need that voice,
It’s the essence of your being,
You honestly can’t afford to be anything less than an individual.