That kind of love.

We all want that type of love that awakens different parts of our being. The type that lets us be exactly who we are and doesn’t judge us. The kind that reminds us of our strengths without criticizing us. The kind that doesn’t disappear when we’re down and does everything to make sure we don’t hurt alone. The kind that heals our scars and works overtime to ensure we don’t get cut again. That kind of love is patient, kind and understanding. 

Sometimes you find that and somehow it slips away.


I pray…
For the strength to stand tall in trying times
For discernment
For direction when life throws me off
For clearer vision
For grace to accomplish goals
For calmness in the midst of adversity
For separation from unfriendly friends
For the ability to love my loved ones as much as they love me
For good health and a sound mind
For the peace of God that surpasses all understanding
For uncommon wisdom, knowledge and understanding
For spiritual, academic and financial stability
For total peace of mind.