Timing. Timing. Timing.
I’ve learnt there’s nothing more important than that. People might not really be experiencing disappointments in life based on their inability to get the task done. Maybe just maybe it’s not the right time to venture into the particular life path. We need to be able to discern appropriate timing and trust out instincts.
We also need to trust the process, don’t rush it. Nothing will happen one second sooner than it’s meant to regardless of how much you worry.
Breathe, hold on a little longer, don’t force it.



 When tears dry,

When sorrow overwhelms the surfacing joy,

When emotions choke on confusion,

When the struggling man can’t seem to live anymore,

When life drowns out the being in you,

When your confidence is nothing but a stranger,

When relationships grow sour,

When friends turn enemies,

When you just can’t take it anymore,

When loneliness becomes your only companion,

When you feel the emptiness of a lonely park,


Racing wind,

Dying grass,

Deeply rooted dented trees,

When you can’t express the frustration you feel.

You are losing grip,

Falling apart,

Screaming for help with no voice.

When the roof comes crashing down,

When you’re fighting for your last breath,

That’s when you know you’re your only hope.