We’re all different. Just like our faces are different, so are our callings. People need to stop getting things confused and trying to follow other people’s life paths. We’re all struggling to find our place in the world but can we try doing just that? Finding our own place. A place where we’re genuinely comfortable and confident in who we are, a place where we have next to no regrets and happiness is exactly what we’ve made it.
Can we try to understand ourselves before looking to other people to explain to us who we really are and what we’re really made of? Can we try following our own dreams and strive to accomplish our own goals? Can we try speaking our own truth and not be influenced by society’s unwritten standards?



Being myself, I’m always observing. Seeking a better way to be better. Lately, I’ve taken a break from myself. I’ve been worrying about the generation we are living in. It’s ridiculous how class has been thrown into the trash can. Finding someone with class is becoming harder by the day. That’s not far fetched because being trashy is being glorified. If someone exhibits class and decorum, their standards are questioned. Last time I checked,  there was nothing wrong with high standards. Not pointing fingers but look in the mirror, check yourself, examine the type of attention you attract and just be honest with yourself. A little class won’t hurt, it goes a long way.

Be classy not trashy