I was thinking about what really shaped me into who I am today and how I handle certain issues that arise in my life then it hit me. A long time ago, my Dad said to me, “…I’m not a conformist and I don’t break the law either, that’s exactly how I raised you…“. That got me thinking for a long time cause I thought it didn’t make sense but I realised it made a lot of sense. I grew up being really principled and having a great sense of direction. Not saying I haven’t made any mistakes or taken any wrong turns but I’ve found myself in the end, I always get out of the maze. I think that’s simply because I’m my own person. These days, a lot of people aren’t. Individualism is a trait that’s rare now, most people are a product of the unnecessary quest to climb the “social ladder” .

…I’m not a conformist and I don’t break the law either, that’s exactly how I raised you…

Better YOU.


Ever wondered what your life’s really worth? Amidst all the struggles and dedication to achieve a better future. Do you lose yourself? Not sure what it really takes to stay grounded and keep your sanity but I believe I’m beginning to do a better job of both. My growth has gravitated me more towards self-development, aligning my dreams and thought process. I’ve come a long way from misguided emotions and drowning in resentment. I’ve grown. I’ve learnt.

Regarding to my life’s worth, I refer to the man in the mirror. I compete with myself to better me. Who else out there can be a better referral than you in bettering YOU?


Thoughts of a troubled mind.
Thoughts of mishap,
Thoughts of insecurity.
Am I good enough? 
Am I strong enough?
Can I live on my own?
Can I grow on my own?
The easy way out cuts it every time.
The fear of rejection decides that.
Maybe my standards are too high,
I know I can’t reach those heights.
Yes, you can.
You’re good enough
You’re better than you know.
Look in the mirror and see that you.
It’s a constant battle within.
A battle the better me has won at last.