Be your own person,

Have your own mind,
Speak your own truth,
Don’t be driven by the ‘acceptable’ reality,
Create your own path and tread it,
Don’t be afraid to be yourself,
That fear drains your voice,
You need that voice,
It’s the essence of your being,
You honestly can’t afford to be anything less than an individual.




Maybe I tried too hard,

Maybe I came on too strong,

Maybe I shared too much,

Maybe transparent wasn’t what you wanted,

Maybe honesty wasn’t what you needed,

Maybe we weren’t made for each other,

Maybe your heart couldn’t feel,

Maybe you were fighting insecurities,

Maybe you were scared to take a chance,

Maybe facing reality was your greatest challenge,

Maybe you were just too selfish to share your heart,

Maybe your ego couldn’t accommodate love,

Maybe you couldn’t even see me. 



5 am.

It’s 5 am,

My eyes are so heavy but my eyelids won’t close. 

I think I’ve fueled my nightmares with power,

Power to complicate my reality,

Keep me up and taunt me,

I know where I need to go but I’m too scared to take a step,

I think I should try,

Try to win back the power from my nightmares. 



When the lights go out and noises fade,

I’m left with the voices in my head I’ve been trying to fight all day

Now, they’re too loud to fight,
Too clear to ignore.
I’ve lost the battle.
I listen clearly only to realise they’re all I’ve actually needed
All I hear is the hurt and the pain
The happy moments have been overshadowed 
Maybe cause they were forced
Maybe cause they were a lie
Perhaps, a shadow cast on reality 
Regardless, I’m glad I listened.
I learnt to let go of the pain.