I pray…
For the strength to stand tall in trying times
For discernment
For direction when life throws me off
For clearer vision
For grace to accomplish goals
For calmness in the midst of adversity
For separation from unfriendly friends
For the ability to love my loved ones as much as they love me
For good health and a sound mind
For the peace of God that surpasses all understanding
For uncommon wisdom, knowledge and understanding
For spiritual, academic and financial stability
For total peace of mind.



When these nights get long and nothing else makes sense, I just bow my head and pray for strength to stay grounded and not be pulled down by exhaustion and frustration. It takes a lot to still keep my head up these days.  Forever grateful and thankful for the gift of life, grace and mercy. What am I without God? I have no strength of my own. The fact that you still see a smile on my face is his doing. He keeps guiding and protecting me. He has plans for me and I don’t fail to acknowledge the fact that these plans might not always be in line with my thoughts and wants. Yet, all I want is for him to take full control of my life and never let go. When every man fails me, I’m so thankful that I still have him to turn to.

So much has happened this year; taking time out to sit and consider the odds just weighs me down and drains me. I’ve decided to shake it all off and appreciate today and the future I still have. Nothing is impossible.