Try Silence.

People are so quick to voice their opinions or what they feel you should do with your life . I’d never understand why because I’ve mastered the art of silence. I think silence does more than poorly constructed sentences that result in irrelevant advice would ever do. If you spend your days just talking and adding your two cents to every conversation. When do you listen, learn, understand and reflect? Try using your ears more, it’ll really change your life. You’d be surprised to realize how much has been said to you that you never really heard. 




Life’s thrown so much at me in the past couple of weeks. It’s difficult to really make anything of the circumstances I’ve found myself in but everything’s had me on a roller coaster of emotions. I’m hanging in there but I have to make decisions. Life changing decisions. I have to decide to take control of my own destiny. It’s not the easiest thing to decide to live for yourself, live out your own dreams and not what a governing party has laid out for you in their mind or the dreams you’ve grown up to believe you should follow. 

Learning to stand on your own and chase your own dreams isn’t the easiest thing but it’ll be worth it in the end. We all claim to be independent but are we really? There’s a lot more to independence than we want to believe. Sometimes, we need to be opinionated- operative word being “sometimes“-. Being opinionated isn’t always the best thing cause you could come across as stuck up or pushy. Regardless, being a person with an opinion or a standing is really necessary in life.