He’s bad for you, you know
He’ll never be what you want, you know
He’ll never change, you know
He’ll never have your back, you know
He’s still as selfish as he was yesterday, you know
Still, you stay.
Hoping, wishing, praying.
Do yourself a favour and let go.
It’s hard, I know.
One day you’ll have the strength.



I see you trying,
I know you want to fight to keep this.
Be careful not to hurt yourself.
Sometimes, you’re the only broken one after the battle.
Don’t drown trying to keep another person afloat,
Your feelings matter too.
Trust them, don’t push them aside.
I hope you’re stronger from this.

Love and pain.

Sometimes, love isn’t enough
We learned the hard way
Our extreme differences pulled us apart
I wish it didn’t end this way
My heart still hurts
Hope yours is healing just fine
Yes, that’s the love speaking
It’s still here.
I’m still here.
I wish you the best
Don’t let your demons win.

You’re good enough.

He couldn’t handle you so he made you believe you weren’t good enough
Now, you’re walking around with the belief that no one will ever love you
Of course, someone will
It’ll just be a different kind of love
The kind you deserve
Not the tainted version he forced you to accept
Let go, hold your head high
Let him continue to walk around with his jar of insecurities
He’ll find someone else to sprinkle it on
That person shouldn’t be you anymore.

Love yourself.

Take a little time to appreciate yourself
Don’t make light of your journey
I know parts of it have left you scarred
That’s ok, you’ll heal
You’ll learn and grow too
You’ll be strong enough to love again
But first,

Love yourself, darling. 

Promise and pain.

You’re no longer the calm,
You’re no longer the reason she smiles,
You’re starting to cause unbearable pain,
You promised you’d never hurt her,
Now, everyday she wakes up without a smile.
You can tell she’s hurting but you continue to tug at her heart,
You’re smiling through her pain,
I hope whatever joy you’re deriving from this is comparable to the amount of love she has for you.
Yes, she cries at night.
Yet, she’s loving you through the pain.
You’re so wrapped up in yourself,
You can’t feel her slipping away.

You are…

You’re not hurt
You’re just angry you trusted him again
You’re angry you let your heart get to a place of vulnerability
You’re angry you started holding on to nothing
Depending on his presence even if he wasn’t yours
You wish there was a way to shut off your heart but it’s a little more complicated than that
Just breathe,
It’ll pass.
You’ve felt this emotion before
You know it doesn’t last forever
Just remember holding on to nothing is never a good way to support yourself.

Selfish nothing.

He makes you laugh
He lets you cry on his shoulder
He makes sure you’re taken care of
He tells you you’re perfect and in the same breath, he tells you he doesn’t want you
He tells you he loves you and then tells you you can’t have him
Where’s the balance?
You can only save yourself by walking away
If you don’t, you’ll continue to hold on to nothing
You’ll continue to find comfort in his selfish desires
Maybe you have someone that genuinely wants you right now and wants to give you all of him
Maybe you don’t
But you can’t completely accept it if you keep holding on to these mixed emotions.

Is it still love?

Is it still love if he only wants you when he thinks someone is about to have you?
Is it still love if he only thirsts for your love when you’re about to pour it into another?
Is it still love if it starts making you think you’re not good enough?
Is it still love if all it does is make your heart uneasy?
Is it still love if you’re the only one fighting to keep it?