Selfish Love.

There’s a fine line between wanting to be with someone and not being able to stomach them being with someone else.
Are you really in love with her or is the idea of her in his arms sickening? We need to ask ourselves this and stop forcing our hearts to feel love that’s already lost. Of course, it’ll hurt but it’ll hurt more if you’re holding on out of pride, selfishness and jealousy.
Let things naturally unravel. Maybe it’ll work out someday. Maybe it won’t and it’s the end of the road. Learn to be ok with that. Your heart will thank you later.


When the lights go out and noises fade,

I’m left with the voices in my head I’ve been trying to fight all day

Now, they’re too loud to fight,
Too clear to ignore.
I’ve lost the battle.
I listen clearly only to realise they’re all I’ve actually needed
All I hear is the hurt and the pain
The happy moments have been overshadowed 
Maybe cause they were forced
Maybe cause they were a lie
Perhaps, a shadow cast on reality 
Regardless, I’m glad I listened.
I learnt to let go of the pain.