You’re good enough.

He couldn’t handle you so he made you believe you weren’t good enough
Now, you’re walking around with the belief that no one will ever love you
Of course, someone will
It’ll just be a different kind of love
The kind you deserve
Not the tainted version he forced you to accept
Let go, hold your head high
Let him continue to walk around with his jar of insecurities
He’ll find someone else to sprinkle it on
That person shouldn’t be you anymore.


Loveless Bond.

Over the years, I’ve gathered that females have the tendency to hold on a little longer than the male gender. I’ve never understood why because I value my happiness too much to put it on the line for someone that wouldn’t do the same for me. I tend to remove myself from situations that make me unhappy because I’ve learned very quickly that life’s too short and you should take advantage of the little time you have. People let their insecurities force them into remaining in a loveless relationship. This shouldn’t be the case but sadly, it is most of the time. Some females aren’t confident in who they are, they’re never really sure of their ability to have a fresh start. Yes, you can do better. You can start all over. Don’t let the idea of being alone frighten you. Half the time, you need that alone time. You might have lost yourself trying to love another, you might have let someone else define you. You need to be alone to figure out who you are and what really makes you happy. Sometimes, we forget because someone has caused us so much pain and we’ve become accustomed to the lovelessness in a relationship. You can’t be the only one loving, you can’t be the only one fighting for a future. Someone once said to me “You can’t keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept”. You can convince yourself endlessly that he’ll come around but it won’t happen if he doesn’t want to. Break out of the loveless bond, find yourself again and definitely, the kind of love you deserve will come knocking.


Maybe I tried too hard,

Maybe I came on too strong,

Maybe I shared too much,

Maybe transparent wasn’t what you wanted,

Maybe honesty wasn’t what you needed,

Maybe we weren’t made for each other,

Maybe your heart couldn’t feel,

Maybe you were fighting insecurities,

Maybe you were scared to take a chance,

Maybe facing reality was your greatest challenge,

Maybe you were just too selfish to share your heart,

Maybe your ego couldn’t accommodate love,

Maybe you couldn’t even see me.