Lessons In My 20s #2

For a long time, I was fighting for a seat at the table of a familiar stranger’s life
I crawled, I scratched, I begged, just to be seen
Just to be worthy
I was working overtime to prove myself
Because, they told me,
‘You have to fight for love, darling’
But when the right love walks in the door, you wouldn’t have to fight
Your only responsibility would be to open your arms, embrace it and keep it safe



I see you trying,
I know you want to fight to keep this.
Be careful not to hurt yourself.
Sometimes, you’re the only broken one after the battle.
Don’t drown trying to keep another person afloat,
Your feelings matter too.
Trust them, don’t push them aside.
I hope you’re stronger from this.

Is it still love?

Is it still love if he only wants you when he thinks someone is about to have you?
Is it still love if he only thirsts for your love when you’re about to pour it into another?
Is it still love if it starts making you think you’re not good enough?
Is it still love if all it does is make your heart uneasy?
Is it still love if you’re the only one fighting to keep it?