Love and pain.

Sometimes, love isn’t enough
We learned the hard way
Our extreme differences pulled us apart
I wish it didn’t end this way
My heart still hurts
Hope yours is healing just fine
Yes, that’s the love speaking
It’s still here.
I’m still here.
I wish you the best
Don’t let your demons win.


Soothing pain.

The change was soothing
I was grateful for a fresh start
Then it hit me,
The pain was familiar.
I’ve read this book before
I know exactly how the story ends
Constant bickering then we grow apart,
Forget the real reason why we started the journey
Hurtful comments and inconsiderate actions.
You promised love will never hurt again.
Again, you lied.
You’ve broken the heart I just pieced together.
Same hell, different demons.

Greener pastures?

What’s the ideology behind greener pastures? What’s really the reason why people feel they have to change environments to get what they’re really searching for? Is it all in the mind? Maybe there’s more to it.

With business growth and success, I believe the environment you’re in can strongly affect you. This could be positive or negative. The negatives can push you to want to find greener pastures. As long as you’re making the right decisions and going in the right direction, that’s great.

When we step into the territory of relationships, it’s a different ball game. When certain people see you in a healthy relationship, they decide it’s time to play mind games. They’re so quick to tell you how much better they’d be as your partner and reasons why you should step out of your relationship. Honestly, no relationship is perfect. You’d have ups and downs but you need to understand that feelings don’t change because there’s a storm. If that happens, maybe they weren’t actually there in the first place. Everyone has demons and that person planting doubts in your mind might have greater demons than what you’re dealing with in your current relationship. Don’t be too quick to step out. You might be looking across from your lawn and imagine the grass is greener on the other side but don’t forget the price of mowing and watering the lawn. The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. If you have someone that treats you right and is there for you when you need them, stay. We all have flaws, some more than others. Stick to what you know, maintain your lawn and your grass would get greener.

Sheltered Demons.

Went away for the weekend, I tend to do that often ’cause I find time away from my regular environment very relaxing. While I was sitting on the train, I couldn’t help but notice I wasn’t the only one. I wasn’t the only one sitting and thinking about where they’d rather be,  impatiently waiting to get to their respective destinations. It got me wondering what everyone was going through in life, the struggles they’re not letting show through, why they’re smiling at strangers like their lives depend on it. Maybe they’re okay and just trying to have a relaxing weekend like me or they’re trying to shelter their demons. Yes, we all have demons, some more than others but we all do regardless. We have struggles we try to hide from the people we come across everyday. Some of us are so obsessed with the idea of being strong and independent that we forget we’re human and it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. I can’t deny the fact that I’m one of those people but I’m gradually learning that letting a few people in on your weaknesses doesn’t tear you apart, it actually gives you a different kind of strength. Strength that comes from a lifted burden. 

I could go on and on about my thoughts during that train ride that seemed to last a whole day even if it was just a couple hours but my thought process was cut short by an unfamiliar voice. Being me, that didn’t sit well with me ‘cause I hate small talk and I felt it wasn’t going to be any different but I gave a listening ear and we had an insightful conversation. This conversation was with a gorgeous middle-aged woman. Can’t disclose her personal struggles but I learnt a lot. I learnt the prettiest smiles hide the most pain, you can never know what the next person is going through if they don’t feel the need to share it with you. I realised being quick to shut people down or disregard conversations isn’t the best. It could deprive you of shared life lessons and experiences. Sometimes, people just need a listening ear. They don’t want much from you, not even a response, just for you to listen. It’s a little less stressful to open up to a stranger because there’s no fear of judgement unlike a familiar face. 

Try to listen more, talk less and be what people need you to be to them when you can. It goes a long way .