Ever met an amazing woman? 

A woman that made you want to be better,
Showed you how to be better,
Talked to you like a sister,
Listened when no one else would,
Corrected you when no one else could,
Loved you like a mother should,
Smiled like her problems didn’t exist,
Looked upon you like an angel.
Have you ever? 
I have.
Then, I lost her.
Lost her to the wickedness of the world.
With no last words
She’s gone now.
I’d never forget her even if I tried.
She made a mark in my life.
Forever an angel.
(RIP Miss Tari Spiff) 





It’s meant to be easter weekend? 

Woke up today and the most I could do was laugh. Looking around, it’s all so different. I remember growing up and being so excited about Easter cause it symbolised something amazing, an eternal memory of the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It’s really amazing how times have changed, everyone’s going about their business like someone didn’t pay the price for our salvation. 
It’s actually sad to think that people have selective remembrance of past happenings. We’re believers, we love the Lord but shouldn’t the little things matter? Like, “Thank you Lord for dying on the cross of calvary for my sins because I know without that price you paid, I won’t be here today”. Give thanks. Give thanks. Give thanks. I really can’t stress it enough. 
On that note, Happy Easter to you and yours. 

The Knock of Death.

Another regular day. Crazy schedule, long hours, a little bit of this and that. I had plans for four to six hours later. Believe me I was doing me with no care in the world then I felt this sharp pain in my chest. I smiled and said “God’s got me”. I wasn’t shaken. It got worse, it hurt deeper, it burnt more. this excruciating pain wasn’t going anywhere. I believe I heard death knock on my door. I thought of my loved ones, the people that won’t be the same if I respond to that knock. With this thought, I closed my eyes and said a little prayer through tears. I wasn’t crying cause of the pain, I was crying cause I wasn’t ready and the  devil thought he could bring me to a halt.

This pain wasn’t going away. It hurt so bad that I could hear the knock of death clearer now. I had faith but the human in me turned to the closest thing that could give me the bitter truth, Google. All these symptoms, the pain, the burn. I was scared. I’m human. I panicked. I was too scared to pick up my phone and call for help. The fear of the unknown. I was used to this pain, it wasn’t the first time but I feared it could be the last. The last time I…
My thought process was cut short by the siren of the ambulance. It was real. I was shaking. The idea of the oxygen mask scared the hell out of me but it happened. It all happened. The amazing day that turned into a series of tests and blurred vision. It all happened but the knock of death faded away. I appreciate life more.
There’s really no use wasting a second of your life on ‘What ifs’. Just live and let live. I’m grateful God’s got me.