He takes everything you have to give,
Leaves you empty,
But at every turn,
He has you asking for more.
More time, more attention,
More dedication, more prioritizing,
More listening, more love.
That’s the most exhausting thing about a selfish lover.
Love shouldn’t leave you empty enough to always beg for more,
It gives more than enough.


Shifting Blame.

Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself blaming another for your shortcomings? Maybe we all have but why? Why are people so quick to shift blame? Husbands blaming their wives for the misconduct of their kids when the root of the problem might be a little different. Maybe if they paid more attention or made themselves more available, the story might be a little different. You force someone into making a decision by moulding their mind to where you want it, years down the road, something goes wrong and you feel the need to blame everyone but yourself? In a relationship, it’s okay to have misunderstandings and sometimes disagreements but if you’re wrong, why is your ego forcing you to shift the blame and extend the timeframe of discomfort? Pointing fingers in the wrong directions. Take a long look at yourself in the mirror, no matter who you are; friend, sister, brother, partner, wife, husband, mother or father. Examine your character, the choices you’ve made, the way you’ve handled situations and find the right person to point the finger at because the longer you stay lying to yourself, the longer the problem stays unsolved. Think.