I wonder

I wonder where he’d be if you changed your mind as often as he changed his
If you made him cry as many times as you did
If you paid no attention to his reactions
If you weren’t mindful of how your words could weigh on his heart
I wonder if he’d still love you as much as you love him


Love, me.

I’ve decided to look in the mirror everyday and fall in love with the person I see
Not because I experienced a rebirth and I’m suddenly perfect
But because I’ve felt pain and I didn’t let it break me
I let hurt paint me ugly but now, I see myself
I see the strength in my scars
I see the compassion in my eyes
I see growth and I’ve decided to not be so hard on myself
So, everyday, I’ll love every bit of me.

He takes everything you have to give,
Leaves you empty,
But at every turn,
He has you asking for more.
More time, more attention,
More dedication, more prioritizing,
More listening, more love.
That’s the most exhausting thing about a selfish lover.
Love shouldn’t leave you empty enough to always beg for more,
It gives more than enough.

Who claps when you win?

Last week, I had a sudden realization that I have willingly allowed people to starve me of unwavering support. I’ve had people claim they love me and have my back but when I win, they never clap. When I win, they pinpoint why it wasn’t good enough or how much better it could have been.

Last week, I felt genuine happiness when my best friend won. I screamed at the top of my lungs because I was proud and our prayers had been answered. For days after that, I couldn’t stop smiling because I felt unexplainable joy for a win that wasn’t even mine.

Last week, I learned that true friendship claps when you win. True friendship supports your dreams, holds your hand in prayer until you accomplish your goals and continues to push you to attain even more.

Last week, I learned that if a person claims to love and support me but offers me any less, I should walk away.