Life used to be so easy, it all seemed perfect. There was really no need to overthink or over analyze because everything just seemed to work out. Those were the days when growing up seemed to be the most exciting thing. I remember looking up to the adults around me because I thought they had it all figured out, I thought they were living in the moment I always dreamed about. They seemed to be living a life with no boundaries, they seemed to have all the freedom I craved.

Now, I feel like I’m in that moment and it’s nothing like my 10 year old self perceived it to be. I wish I had a little more time to prepare for exactly what the life of a young adult entails. Why didn’t anyone talk about the more important aspects of adulthood that made it a lot less enticing like friends betraying you, your heart breaking one too many times, the bumps in the road, doors that could shut in your face, and everything else that could cause you to overthink and stress?

When did life stop being so simple? Do we need those boundaries to exist within the walls of simplicity? Is complication the price of freedom?


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