BASICS: Top 3 kitchen essentials

1. Electric/gas cooker (preferably with an oven/grill) 

Space and your level of expertise play a huge role in choosing this. Choosing a cooker with four burners is usually the best option for a kitchen used for daily cooking. You can always have six burners if you have the space or the need for that. When choosing an oven, simplicity is key. The oven needs to be able to bake, roast, broil and also have a good temperature range.

2. Pots

Choosing pots for your kitchen depends on:

-What you like to cook

-How you like to cook

-Number of people you cook for

I’ll always advice non-stick pots with even heat distribution.

3. Cooking utensils

If you’re like me, you’d want everything fancy in your kitchen but honestly, just go for the essentials.


-Spoons (wooden and slotted)

-Cutting board

-Vegetable Peeler




-Measuring cups and spoons

-Kitchen shears

-Mixing bowls


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