Maximising Defeat.

You look around and feel like the circumstances that surround you are the worst. You feel like the person beside you made it farther, wonder why you were left behind. Maybe they’re taking giant steps while you take baby steps. You imagine the worst and what could have been if maybe, you had better luck. If you were a little better or a little like the rest of them that started this journey with you. You feel your life’s standing still, that’s okay. Although, I’d advice you cross that thought out of your mind. Why? Well, let’s see… Do people stay on top forever? Do people at the bottom stay there forever? Is the first person to start a race always the first to reach the finish line? Exactly, No, no and no. It’s not how far but how well. Someone said to me, “You don’t learn anything from success but you learn a lot from failure“. I tried to fight it but that’s the truth. The years and periods you spend being at the top of the food chain don’t really teach you anything but the second you hit rock bottom, you reflect, research, rethink, refocus and in the end you realise who you really are and what path you really ought to follow. Not saying failure makes everyone better but if you maximise the opportunity, it’ll do more for you than success will ever do.

It’s not easy to grasp the second you fall but what you shouldn’t do is compare yourself to the next person cause you don’t know how long they’d keep running the race for or how many times they’ve fallen. People aren’t quick to highlight their shortcomings. You’re a unique individual. In the same vein, your destiny is unique. Find yourself and never let go. Chase that vision that’s being unveiled to you and watch yourself live your dream. Never give up as soon as defeat makes an appearance, that’s a sign of weakness and not strength. You’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. Hang in there and work for change. 



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