The Knock of Death.

Another regular day. Crazy schedule, long hours, a little bit of this and that. I had plans for four to six hours later. Believe me I was doing me with no care in the world then I felt this sharp pain in my chest. I smiled and said “God’s got me”. I wasn’t shaken. It got worse, it hurt deeper, it burnt more. this excruciating pain wasn’t going anywhere. I believe I heard death knock on my door. I thought of my loved ones, the people that won’t be the same if I respond to that knock. With this thought, I closed my eyes and said a little prayer through tears. I wasn’t crying cause of the pain, I was crying cause I wasn’t ready and the  devil thought he could bring me to a halt.

This pain wasn’t going away. It hurt so bad that I could hear the knock of death clearer now. I had faith but the human in me turned to the closest thing that could give me the bitter truth, Google. All these symptoms, the pain, the burn. I was scared. I’m human. I panicked. I was too scared to pick up my phone and call for help. The fear of the unknown. I was used to this pain, it wasn’t the first time but I feared it could be the last. The last time I…
My thought process was cut short by the siren of the ambulance. It was real. I was shaking. The idea of the oxygen mask scared the hell out of me but it happened. It all happened. The amazing day that turned into a series of tests and blurred vision. It all happened but the knock of death faded away. I appreciate life more.
There’s really no use wasting a second of your life on ‘What ifs’. Just live and let live. I’m grateful God’s got me.

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