Relationships make up the better part of our lives. Yes, relationships! Relationships don’t necessarily have to be intimate or romantic, we’ve been building relationships from the day we were born. Relationships with our parents, siblings and other people along the course of our lives.

We’ve made friends, we’ve lost friends. Maybe they pushed us away or we pushed them away. Regardless, it’s been a cycle of loss and gain. I believe pride, egos, insecurities, self-esteem have all played a part in this one way or the other. We might not want to admit it to ourselves or the parties involved but that doesn’t change the fact. Sometimes, we can let things go but we choose not to. We’d rather walk around with hurt and resentment for a person we know we still want in our lives just because we can’t bring ourselves to be the bigger person and iron things out.

Misunderstandings are not really worth losing people over. We’re not kids anymore, the littlest of things shouldn’t create a void in our lives. If you feel you’re wrong, take the first step and right your wrong. Most times, we can value a relationship enough to make amends even when we’re not at fault. I’ve come to understand that anytime you have a problem in a relationship, if you don’t throw in the towel, if you walk through it, the relationship is healthier and stronger than it would have been before that because you come to understand each other from a different perspective. 
Relationships take time. Be they romantic or platonic, the parties involved have to put in work. Just like life, relationships are not always a bed of roses. Sometimes, people get hurt but there’s liberty for grace and forgiveness, that’s the beautiful part. 

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