She seems the strongest,

She hides every emotion,

The loneliest in a crowded room,

Life’s turmoils have broken every bit of her spirit,

She’s drowning out,

She’s losing grip,

Begging for help with a silent cry,

No one hears, no one helps.

She tries to pick up the pieces,

Yet, life hits her back to the ground again,

Pushing against the tides,

Hope seems unreachable,

Lost in a life of sorrow,

She swears to numb up.

Numbing up,

Dim lights. No smile.

She’s perceived differently,

Rude. Arrogant. Proud.

She’s just a product of broken dreams,

Shattered emotions,

The pieces she brought together didn’t fit right,

Misguided connection between the physical and emotional,

Still, she’s up.


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