Battle within.

Life gets tough. The people you care about might always have the most to say about your actions; Not necessarily positive things but they talk anyway. The second you open up, they start throwing darts. You’re left perplexed as to why you believed these people have been true to you. It’s hard to know what to say now cause the smallest of things carve caves in their emotions. Do you tiptoe through life in order not to hurt them so you still keep them in your life? It’s hard to really find answers to these questions cause you’re blinded by your emotions. Regardless, they should not take advantage of your blindness. Why make someone hurt so bad they start to doubt if they’re good enough? If you really don’t want them, let them know! Don’t keep them close so you can cut their heart up into tiny pieces. 

 I’m trying so hard not to go back to the place I used to know. I’m looking towards the bright and positive side of everything around me. Trying so hard to smile everyday even if it takes my last breath. Comfortable with where I am right now, don’t take me back. Please. 

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